Mount projectdata using CLI

Mount projectdata using CLI

icav2 allows project data to be mounted on a local system. This feature is currently available on Linux and Mac systems only. Although not supported, users have successfully used Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows to use icav2 projectdata mount command. Please refer to the WSL documentation for installing WSL.


  • icav2 (>=2.3.0) installed and authenticated in the local system.

  • FUSE Driver

    • For MAC refer to macFuse.

    • For other operating systems, refer to OS specific documentation for FUSE driver installation.

  • A project created on ICA v2 with data in it. If you don't already have a project, please follow the instructions here to create a project.

Mount projectdata

Identify the project id by running the following command:

% icav2 projects list
ID                                   	NAME                                            	OWNER  
422d5119-708b-4062-b91b-b398a3371eab	demo                                           	b23f3ea6-9a84-3609-bf1d-19f1ea931fa3

Provide the project id under "ID" column above to the mount command to mount the project data for the project.

% icav2 projectdata mount mnt --project-id 422d5119-708b-4062-b91b-b398a3371eab

Check the content of the mount.

% ls mnt

icav2 utilizes the FUSE driver to mount project data, providing both read and write capabilities. However, there are some limitations on the write capabilities that are enforced by the underlying AWS S3 storage. For more information, please refer to this page.

Unmount project data

You can unmount the project data using the 'unmount' command.

% icav2 projectdata unmount
Project with identifier 422d5119-708b-4062-b91b-b398a3371eab was unmounted from mnt.

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