Introduction to Cohorts

ICA Cohorts is a cohort analysis tool integrated with Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA). ICA Cohorts combines subject- and sample-level metadata, such as phenotypes, diseases, demographics, and biometrics, with molecular data stored in ICA to perform tertiary analyses on selected subsets of individuals.

Overview Video

This video is an overview of Illumina Connnected Analytics. It walks through a Multi-Omics Cancer workflow that can be found here: Oncology Walkthrough

Features At-a-glance

  • Intuitive UI for selecting subjects and samples to analyze and compare: deep phenotypical and clinical metadata, molecular features including germline, somatic, gene expression.

  • Comprehensive, harmonized data model exposed to ICA Base and ICA Bench users for custom analyses.

  • Run analyses in ICA Base and ICA Bench and upload final results back into Cohorts for visualization.

  • Out-of-the-box statistical analyses including genetic burden tests, GWAS/PheWAS.

  • Rich public data sets covering key disease areas to enrich private data analysis.

  • Easy-to-use visualizations for gene prioritization and genetic variation inspection.



Public Data Sets

ICA Cohorts contains a variety of freely available data sets covering different disease areas and sequencing technologies. For a list of currently available data, see here.

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