The Activity view shows the status and history of long-running activities including Data Transfers, Base Jobs, Base Activity, and Bench Activity.

Data Transfers

The Data Transfers tab shows the status of data uploads amd downloads.

Base Jobs

The Base Jobs tab gives an overview of all the actions related to a table or a query that have run or are running (e.g., Copy table, export table, Select * from table, etc.)
The jobs are shown with their:
  • Creation time: When did the job start
  • Description: The query or the performed action with some extra information
  • Type: Which action was taken
  • Status: Failed or succeeded
  • Duration: How long the job took
  • Billed bytes: The used bytes that need to be payed
Failed jobs provide information on why the job failed. Details are accessed by double-clicking the failed job. Jobs in progress can be aborted here.

Base Activity

The Base Activity tab gives an overview of previous results (e.g., Executed query, Succeeded Exporting table, Created table, etc.)
The activities are shown with:
  • Date: The moment the action was done
  • User: The user that requested the action
  • Description: An explanation of the action
This list can be exported to excel.

Bench Activity

The Bench Activity tab shows the actions taken on Bench Workspaces in the project.