Q: Can I use a sample in multiple projects?
A: An ICA sample contains multiple files related to one or more bio samples (eg, multiple lanes). You can link samples to multiple projects; however, a file can only be added to one sample.
Q: What does it mean for files and samples to be linked to a project?
A: Files and samples linked to a project allow the data to be used when launching pipelines within that project.
Q: I have a private docker image that I want to upload to a tool and only work on in my project. Does anyone in workgroup have access to docker images?
A: Yes, docker images are available to the entire domain when added to the Docker Repository in ICA.
Q: When creating a tool, if I have my own CWL doc, can I just import it instead of building the tool using the UI?
A: Yes, you can take your CWL docs and paste it in instead of configuring a tool via the UI. However, might need to change the namespace. Best practice is to try it first locally using cwltool.
Q: Can I add more than one domain admin?
A: Yes, see the BaseSpace Sequence Hub documentation for information on adding domain admins.
Q: What are the file size limits when uploading/downloading data through the user interface compared to the CLI?
A: File uploads via the UI are limited to 5GB. File uploads via the CLI and Connector have no size limit (uploads >5GB use multipart upload).
Q: Since the inputs/outputs have already been configured in tools, why do I need to reconfigure in the pipeline?
A: Tools define the inputs and outputs available for that specific Tool, and pipelines connect the inputs and outputs to other steps/Tools or the initial inputs/final output files. Pipelines can be shared across projects and tools, so you might want the behavior to differ.
Q: Why can I specify a compute type for each tool when building a pipeline and again when running the pipeline?
A: When building the pipeline, you can specify the default compute type for each tool. When running the pipeline, you can override the default to be used for that specific analysis.
Q: If I upload a docker, which workgroups within the domain have access?
A: All workgroups have access. Docker images in ICA are available at the domain level.
Last modified 2mo ago