Tips and Tricks

Developing on the cloud incurs inherent runtime costs due to compute and storage used to execute workflows. Here are a few tips that can facilitate development.
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    Leverage the cross-platform nature of these workflow languages. Both CWL and Nextflow can be run locally in addition to on ICA. When possible, testing should be performed locally before attempting to run in the cloud. For Nextflow, configuration files can be utilized to specify settings to be used either locally or on ICA. An example of advanced usage of a config would be applying the scratch directive to a set of process names (or labels) so that they use the higher performance local scratch storage attached to an instance instead of the shared network disk,
    withName: 'process1|process2|process3' { scratch = '/scratch/' }
    withName: 'process3' { stageInMode = 'copy' } // Copy the input files to scratch instead of symlinking to shared network disk
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    When trying to test on the cloud, it's oftentimes beneficial to create scripts to automate the deployment and launching / monitoring process. This can be performed either using the ICA CLI or by creating your own scripts integrating with the REST API.
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