You can use samples to group information related to a sample, including input files, output files, and analyses.

Add New Sample

To add a new sample, do as follows.

  1. Select Projects > your_project > Samples.

  2. To add a new sample, select + New Sample, and then enter a unique name and description for the sample.

  3. To include files related to the sample, select + Add data to sample.

Your sample is added to the Samples page. To view information on the sample, select the sample, and then select Open Details.

Add Files to Samples

You can add additional files to a sample after creating the sample. Any files that are not currently included in a sample are listed on the Unlinked Files tab.

To add an unlinked file to a sample, do as follows.

  1. Go to Projects > your_project > Samples > Unlinked files tab.

  2. Select a file or files, and then select one of the following options:

    • Create sample from selection — Create a new sample that includes the selected files.

    • Link to existing sample — Select an existing sample in the project to link the file to.

Alternatively, you can add unlinked files from the sample details.

  1. Going to Projects > your_project > Samples > your_sample.

  2. Double click your sample to open the details.

  3. The last section of the details is files, where you select + Add data to sample.

Removing Files from Samples

To remove files from samples,

  1. Go to Projects > your_project > Samples > your_sample > Details.

  2. Go to the files section and open the file details of the file you want to remove.

  3. Select Remove data from sample.

  4. Save your changes.

A Sample can be linked to a project from a separate project to make it available in read-only capacity.

  1. Navigate to the Samples view in the Project

  2. Click the Link Sample button

  3. Select the Sample(s) to link to the project

  4. Click the Link Samples button

Data linked to Samples is not automatically linked to the project. The data must be linked separately from the Data view. Samples also must be available in a complete state in order to be linked.

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