The platform GUI provides tools for performing interactive data analysis using a sandbox workspace running a docker image with access to data and pipelines within a project.


Bench is a module that can be found in a project. It is shown in the menu bar within the project.
❗️Before users can access Bench:
  • On the domain level, Bench needs to be included in the subscription
  • On the project level, the project owner needs to enable Bench
  • On the user level, the project administrator needs to enable workgroups to access the Bench pages
Note: Currently, Bench does not support enablement of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Users can consider configuring their own Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication locally.

Permission to enable Bench

The access to activate the Bench module is controlled based upon the chosen subscription (full subscription gives access to Bench) when registering the account. This will all happen automatically after the first user logs into the system for that account. So from the moment the account is up and running, the Bench module will also be ready to be enabled.

Enable the Bench module

When a user has created a project, they can go to the Bench pages and click the Enable button. You have to be a user in the tenant where the project was created to enable Bench. Users from other tenants can create workspace, but cannot enable the Bench module. Once enabled, every user who has the correct permissions has access to the Bench module in that project.
Only the project owner can enable Illumina Connected Analytics Bench. Make sure that your subscription for the domain includes Bench.
  1. 1.
    In the project, select any page under Bench.
  2. 2.
    Select a bundle. The bundles available depend on your Illumina Connected Analytics subscription.
  3. 3.
    Select Enable.

Access the Bench pages

Access to the projects and all modules located within the project is provided on a per workgroup basis via the Team page within the project.
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