ICA provides a tool called Bench for interactive data analysis. This is a sandboxed workspace which runs a docker image with access to the data and pipelines within a project. This workspace runs on the Amazon S3 system and comes with associated processing and provisioning costs. It is therefore best practice to not keep your Bench instances running indefinitely, but stopping them when not in use.


Having access to Bench depends on the following conditions:

  • Bench needs to be included in your ICA subscription.

  • The project owner needs to enable Bench for their project.

  • Individual users of that project need to be given access to Bench.

Enabling Bench for your project

After creating a project, go to Projects > your_project > Bench > Workspaces page and click the Enable button. If you do not see this option, then either your tenant subscription does not include Bench or you belong to a tenant different from the one where the project was created. Users from other tenants cannot enable the Bench module, but can create workspaces. Once enabled, every user who has the correct permissions has access to the Bench module in that project.

Setting user level access.

Once Bench has been enabled for your project, the combination of roles and teams settings determines if a user can access Bench.

  • Tenant administrators and project owners are always able to access Bench and perform all actions.

  • The teams settings page at Projects > your_project > Project Settings > Team determines the role for the user/workgroup.

    • No Access means you have no access to the Bench workspace for that project.

    • Contributor gives you the right to start and stop the Bench workspace and to access the workspace contents, but not to create or edit the workspace.

    • Administrator gives you the right to create, edit, delete, start and stop the Bench workspace, and to access the actual workspace contents. In addition, the administrator can also build new derived Bench images and tools.

  • Finally, a verification is done of your user rights against the required workspace permissions. You will only have access when your user rights meet or exceed the required workspace permissions. The possible required Workspace permissions include:

    • Upload / Download rights (Download rights are mandatory for technical reasons)

    • Project Level (No Access / Data Provider / Viewer / Contributor)

    • Flow (No Access / Viewer / Contributor)

    • Base (No Access / Viewer / Contributor)

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