The ICA CLI uses an Illumina API Key to authenticate. An Illumina API Key can be acquired through the product dashboard after logging into a domain. See API Keys for instructions to create an Illumina API Key.

Authenticate using icav2 config set command. The CLI will prompt for an x-api-key value. Input the API Key generated from the product dashboard here. See the example below (replace EXAMPLE_API_KEY with the actual API Key).

icav2 config set
Creating /Users/johngenome/.icav2/config.yaml
Initialize configuration settings [default]
server-url []: 
x-api-key : EXAMPLE_API_KEY
output-format (allowed values table,yaml,json defaults to table) : 
colormode (allowed values none,dark,light defaults to none) :

The CLI will save the API Key to the config file as an encrypted value.

If you want to overwrite existing environment values, use the command icav2 config set. To remove an existing configuration/session file, use the command icav2 config reset.

Check the server and confirm you are authenticated using icav2 config get

icav2 config get
access-token: ""
colormode: none
output-format: table
x-api-key: !!binary HASHED_EXAMPLE_API_KEY

If during these steps or in the future you need to reset the authentication, you can do so using the command: icav2 config reset

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