Known Issues
  • Manual refresh on Data view required after archive/unarchive action to reflect new status
  • Connector upload rules fail to delete via the API. Users can still delete connector rules via the GUI
  • Project menu does not update when navigating into a Project in Chrome
  • Unable to get pre-signed URL or retrieve ObjectStore Credentials for files and with UTF-8 characters
  • User with ‘Data Provider’ role cannot view the Data page in the UI
  • Unable to add tags to sample during creation
  • Sample deleteDeep API fails with 500 error code when sample contains a linked folder in archived status
  • Unable to set file formats BedGraph, Bisulfite Converted Index, CNS.TAB, NextSeq/MiSeq/HiSeq RTA BCL, VCF.IDX - results in the UNKNOWN format when viewing file details
  • Workflows attempting to provision nodes of instance types with capacity issues may result in prolonged waiting periods and/or analysis failures
  • Graphical CWL pipelines containing Tools with any Input file with a populated "format" will always fail
  • Incorrect failure cause reported through error logs when infrastructure fails to spin up nodes for pipeline steps
  • Issue handling special characters in input file/folder paths
  • Unable to specify secondaryFiles when launching CWL pipeline analyses via API
  • CWL file/directory pipeline inputs are not mounted when provided within nested structures (ie, CommandInputRecordSchema, CommandInputArraySchema)
  • No clear message in UI when invalid characters are entered when creating a new Bench Workspace
  • Unable to enter a Bench workspace stuck in Starting status
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