Config Settings

The ICA CLI accepts configuration settings from multiple places, such as environment variables, configuration file, or passed in as command line arguments. When configuration settings are retrieved, the following precedence is used to determine which setting to apply:
  1. 1.
    Command line options - Passed in with the command such as --access-token
  2. 2.
    Environment variables - Stored in system environment variables such as ICAV2_ACCESS_TOKEN
  3. 3.
    Default config file - Stored by default in the ~/.icav2/config.yaml on macOS/Linux and C:\Users\USERNAME\.icav2\.config on Windows

Command Line Options

The following global flags are available in the CLI interface:
-t, --access-token string JWT used to call rest service
-h, --help help for icav2
-o, --output-format string output format (default "table")
-s, --server-url string server url to direct commands
-k, --x-api-key string api key used to call rest service

Environment Variables

Environment variables provide another way to specify configuration settings. Variable names align with the command line options with the following modifications:
  • Upper cased
  • Prefix ICAV2_
  • All dashes replaced by underscore
For example, the corresponding environment variable name for the --access-token flag is ICAV2_ACCESS_TOKEN.

Config File

Upon launching icav2 for the first time, the configuration yaml file is created and the default config settings are set. Enter an alternative server URL or press enter to leave it as the default. Then enter your API Key and press enter.
After installing the CLI, open a terminal window and enter the icav2 command. This will initialize a default configuration file in the home directory at .icav2/config.yaml.
To reset the configuration, use ./icav2 config reset
Resetting the configuration removes the configuration from the host device and cannot be undone. The configuration needs to be recreated.
Configuration settings is stored in the default configuration file:
access-token: ""
colormode: none
output-format: table
x-api-key: !!binary SMWV6dEXAMPLE
The file ~/.icav2/.session.ica.yamlon macOS/Linux and C:\Users\USERNAME\.icav2\.session.ica on Windows will contain the access-token and project-id. These are output files and should not be edited as they are automatically updated.