Storage Configuration Troubleshooting Guide

The following are common issues encountered when connecting an AWS S3 bucket through a storage configuration

Conflicting bucket notifications

This error occurs when an existing bucket notification's event information overlap with the notifications ICA is trying to add. Amazon S3 event notification only allows overlapping events with non-overlapping prefix. Depending on the conflicts on the notifications, the error can be presented in any of the following:
Volume Configuration cannot be provisioned: storage container is already set up for customer's own notification
Invalid parameters for volume configuration: found conflicting storage container notifications with overlapping prefixes
Failed to update bucket policy: Configurations overlap. Configurations on the same bucket cannot share a common event type
To fix the issue:
  1. 1.
    In the Amazon S3 Console, review your current S3 bucket's notification configuration and look for prefixes that overlaps with your Storage Configuration's key prefix
  2. 2.
    Delete the existing notification that overlaps with your Storage Configuration's key prefix
  3. 3.
    ICA will perform a series of steps in the background to re-verify the connection to your bucket.