Create a Cohort

ICA Cohorts lets you create a research cohort of subjects and associated samples based on the following criteria:
  • Project: include subjects that are part of any ICA Project that you own or that is shared with you;
  • Subject:
    • Demographics such as age, sex, ancestry.
    • Phenotypes and diseases.
    • Biometrics such as body height, body mass index.
    • Pathological classification, tumor stages, etc.
    • Family and patient medical history.
  • Sample:
    • Sample type such as FFPE.
    • Tissue type.
    • Sequencing technology: Whole genome DNA-sequencing, RNAseq, single-cell RNAseq, etc.
  • Molecular attributes:
    • Samples with a somatic mutation in one or multiple, specified genes.
    • Samples with a germline variant of a specific type in one or multiple, specified genes.
    • Samples over- or under-expressed in one or multiple, specified genes.
    • Samples with a copy number gain or loss involving one or multiple, specified genes.
Once you selected Create Cohort, the above data are organized in tabs such as Project, Subject, and Molecular. Each tab then contains the aforementioned sections, among others, to help you identify cases and/or controls for further analysis. Navigate through these tabs, or search for an attribute by name to directly jump to that tab and section, and select attributes and values that are relevant to describe your subjects and samples of interest. Assign a new name to the cohort you created, and click Apply to save the cohort.