Single Sign-on (SSO)

To enable logging into the platform using your organization's identity provider (IDP), a SAML configuration may be provided in your account settings.


  • Must be configured with an tenant administrator account for your Illumina enterprise domain

  • Access to your IDP system to configure the Illumina Service Provider

  • Your IDP configurations

    1. Metadata XML

    2. SAML Attributes for EmailId, firstName, LastName

Setup Instructions

  1. Login to the IAM Console through the domain login URL and navigate to the "IAM Console" application. The IAM console can also be accessed directly at https://<domain>

  2. Navigate to the domain tab and choose the authentication menu item on the left pane. Change the Authentication Configuration to "SAML".

  3. Upload your IDP Metadata XML file.

  4. Register the Illumina Service Provider (SP) in your IDP system by downloading the illumina_sp.xml file.

  5. Enter the relevant IDP/SAML attributes (Contact your organization's technical support team for these details).

Allow 15 minutes for the Illumina Service Provider to update with the provided information. To confirm SAML configuration changes, go to the domain login URL https://<domain> This should now redirect to the configured IDP login page.

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